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The metal lace choker, goldThe metal lace choker, gold
The metal lace hoops, goldThe metal lace hoops, gold
The Isabelle stud tennis necklace, goldThe Isabelle stud tennis necklace, gold
The etoile pearl stud bracelet, silverThe etoile pearl stud bracelet, silver
The etoile pearl stud necklace, silverThe etoile pearl stud necklace, silver
The pearl star studs, silverThe pearl star studs, silver
The Camille double chain earrings, silverThe Camille double chain earrings, silver
The starry stud statement earrings, silverThe starry stud statement earrings, silver
The starry stud statement earrings, goldThe starry stud statement earrings, gold
The Estelle double chain studs, silverThe Estelle double chain studs, silver
The Bezel heart signet ring, silverThe Bezel heart signet ring, silver
The bijoux bezel ring set, silverThe bijoux bezel ring set, silver
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The molten heart drop studs, silverThe molten heart drop studs, silver
The molten heart drop studs, goldThe molten heart drop studs, gold
The starry stone studs, silverThe starry stone studs, silver
The starry stone studs, goldThe starry stone studs, gold
The molten heart stud set, silverThe molten heart stud set, silver
The heart stone studs, silverThe heart stone studs, silver