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Love lock necklace, goldLove lock necklace, gold
Glimmer ring, goldGlimmer ring, gold
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Stardust ring, goldStardust ring, gold
Arch cross earrings, silverArch cross earrings, silver
Encanto necklace, mixed metalsEncanto necklace, mixed metals
Cross hook earrings, silverCross hook earrings, silver
Hoja necklace, goldHoja necklace, gold
Oro thread earrings, goldOro thread earrings, gold
Oro cross stud, goldOro cross stud, gold
Cross lanyard, goldCross lanyard, gold
'love' script necklace, gold'love' script necklace, gold
Tia crystal hoopTia crystal hoop
Tia crystal hoop Sale price$79.00
Fay hoop gold vermeilFay hoop gold vermeil
Fay hoop gold vermeil Sale price$99.00
Double ring heart hoops, goldDouble ring heart hoops, gold
Kitt tusk star hoop, goldKitt tusk star hoop, gold
Paris hoop with mini cross, goldParis hoop with mini cross, gold
Jessi mini hoop , gold
Jessi mini hoop , gold Sale priceFrom $79.00
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Mezi chain thread earring, gold
Hammered hoop earrings large, gold
Daisy stud ring, goldDaisy stud ring, gold
Luv Aj
Daisy stud ring, gold Sale price$149.00
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The rosette cross rosary, silverThe rosette cross rosary, silver
The rosette cross rosary, goldThe rosette cross rosary, gold
The rosette cross charm, silverThe rosette cross charm, silver
The rosette cross charm, goldThe rosette cross charm, gold
The eclectic tennis necklace, silverThe eclectic tennis necklace, silver
The Eclectic tennis necklace, goldThe Eclectic tennis necklace, gold
The daisy stud cross necklace, silverThe daisy stud cross necklace, silver
The daisy stud cross necklace, goldThe daisy stud cross necklace, gold
The eclectic studs set, silverThe eclectic studs set, silver
The Eclectic stud sets, goldThe Eclectic stud sets, gold
The daisy stud cross earrings, silverThe daisy stud cross earrings, silver
The daisy stud cross earrings, gold2The daisy stud cross earrings, gold2
The eclectic tennis bracelet, silverThe eclectic tennis bracelet, silver
Lollie ringLollie ring
Amber Sceats
Lollie ring Sale price$119.00
Dottie braceletDottie bracelet
Amber Sceats
Dottie bracelet Sale price$119.00
Freddie braceletFreddie bracelet
Amber Sceats
Freddie bracelet Sale price$239.00
Callie braceletCallie bracelet
Amber Sceats
Callie bracelet Sale price$239.00
Callie earringsCallie earrings
Amber Sceats
Callie earrings Sale price$239.00
Vessie earringsVessie earrings
Amber Sceats
Vessie earrings Sale price$189.00
Dottie necklaceDottie necklace
Amber Sceats
Dottie necklace Sale price$159.00
Save $29.00Dillon watch, whiteDillon watch, white
Dillon watch, white Sale price$180.00 Regular price$209.00
Save $85.00The metal lace choker, goldThe metal lace choker, gold
Luv Aj
The metal lace choker, gold Sale price$290.00 Regular price$375.00
The Isabelle stud tennis necklace, goldThe Isabelle stud tennis necklace, gold
The etoile pearl stud bracelet, silverThe etoile pearl stud bracelet, silver
The etoile pearl stud necklace, silverThe etoile pearl stud necklace, silver
The pearl star studs, silverThe pearl star studs, silver
The Estelle double chain studs, silverThe Estelle double chain studs, silver
The Bezel heart signet ring, silverThe Bezel heart signet ring, silver